Between Two Worlds » FORUM (Форум) – White Night (Белая Ночь) [1987]

FORUM (Форум) – White Night (Белая Ночь) [1987]

Here’s an great 1987 music video (television appearance) from the Soviet pop group “Forum”, a new favorite group! It proudly features a “reverse keys” Korg Poly 800 (w/ neat use of pitch mod at 2:43). Can anyone confirm what’s going on w/ the drum machine? It visually appears as a Roland TR-909 (see 2:02), but the sound more resembles something from Simmons, units they were known to use. Maybe it is only a TV prop? Also, anyone have any idea of what they are singing about?? I believe a vinyl transfer is available here, but I could not figure out how to obtain it – English is really my only language. Some nice scans of the LP artwork & labels, anyhow. Translations or other insights encouraged in the comments section!

Here is an MP3 of an alternate version of White Night, it’s quite a little bit different: White Night (Белая Ночь)