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Frank Zappa on the Synclavier

zappa with the synclavier

“Anything you make up, can be played or typed by the machine. One of the things I’m using it for, is the creation of complex rhythms, that I can have executed accurately by different groups of instruments. With the Synclavier you can have every imaginable group of instruments play the most complex passages because the little fellows inside will always play it with a millisecond precision degree… Some things live musicians do and machines don’t are good and some are bad. One of the good things live musicians do is improvise. They respond to the moment, and can play with more expression than a machine. (Not that a machine knows no expression, but I have to type in a lot of numbers to instantly get the same amount of expression as of a well rehearsed band)…Machines don’t get drunk, stoned, or fired and don’t need help to carry their families with them from here to everywhere in cases of emergency.”