Between Two Worlds » Moog System 55 featured on “Tomorrow’s World” [1969]

Moog System 55 featured on “Tomorrow’s World” [1969]

For the Moog System 55, here’s a short introductory segment featured as part of the long-running BBC technology program “Tomorrow’s World”. This segment was first broadcast on September 30th 1969. The player/programmer is Mike Vickers onetime member of the renowned UK pop group Manfred Mann, and whose 1972 solo album for KPM A Moog For All Reasons is a special favourite around here. Note also that Mike is recording to a Scully 280 4 track 1/2″ tape machine, then a popular machine. Enjoy!

PS: A pleasant surprise (after some 40 years) Moog Music has recently re-issued their trusty System 55! Has anyone out there had a chance to play one?