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Fantastic Synthesizer Television Logos Part.02 [1969]

Can anyone out there confirm that this logo was composed (and possibly
recorded) by Eric Siday?


Thanks to DIGITAL PRODUCTIONS, the world received some beautiful & forward-thinking computer animations in the early/mid 1980s. Posted here is the company’s demo reel from 1984 [you must love the SMPTE leader intro], along with the zany music video they helped to create for the Mick Jagger song “Hard Woman” circa 1985/6. Other popular DP productions include the animated portions from The Last Starfighter and Labyrinth films. Thanks Digital Productions & Cray X-MP supercomputer – it’s incredible the amount of skill, time, effort & determination [&$$] that went into DP animations!

Roger Linn & AKAI MPC-60 Instructional Video Series [1988]

Picture 1
Special thanks to dvdborn for posting these videos.

Roger Linn Hosting Tempest Video [2011]

RL Tempest

While we don’t feature very much 21st century technology here at btw2worlds, we couldn’t resist posting this wonderful quickstart video. Roger Linn walks us through the basic functions & features of the new Tempest machine from Dave Smith Instruments. This video is very enjoyable (even with your eyes closed) & the machine is top notch. Any first hand Tempest users out there care to comment?

Jack Kevorkian Video Series [198?]

Who produced this wonderful video featuring Jack Kevorkian & what equipment might have been used? The audio & video production techniques are imaginative & his messages are very interesting (and plainly conveyed). Did you know Dr. Kevorkian was also talented musician & composer?? Maybe he worked out the featured synthesizer music & FX within…

Alternative MIDI Sequencing: Zyklus MPS-1 [1988]


Take some time to view thru these ZYKLUS promo recordings (especially if your last name ends in A-T-H), you likely won’t regret it. Pretty advanced approach to MIDI sequencing for 1988! Any experience with the Zyklus hardware out there? Link here for detailed information. Special thanks to AnalogyGuy for posting these videos up.

DEVO: Time Out For Fun [1982]

DEVO have released many innovative music videos into the world over the years. Anyone out there know what variety of video equipment was used to help craft this beautiful video? Directed by Gerald Casale, Devo chief-strategist.

John Paul Immordino: “I love synthesizers and everything about them”

This is an impressive music video from New Jersey USA’s John Paul Immordino, a very unique songwriter & synthesizer enthusiast.  Can you name all of the synthesizers featured in this video?  Check out (and purchase) JPI’s large body of work at cdbaby or soundclick. Who is John Paul Immordino?

Roger Troutman on VIDEO SOUL

Here’s a gold-suited Roger demonstrating his “golden throat expertise (with minimoog carrier) & joking around with Donnie Simpson on BET’s VIDEO SOUL in 1987. Roger is a beautiful artist & unparalleled entertainer, one of the all-time greatest. Anyone remember VIDEO SOUL out there?  Can you imagine Roger as a stand up comedian? “DIG-I-TAL DIG-I-TAL DIG-I-TAL DIG-I-TAL DIG-I-TAL DIG-I-TAL LOOOOOOOVE

Ryuichi Sakamoto & The Fairlight CMI

Let us return now back to the CMI. Here is a fun interview clip with Ryuichi Sakamoto & his Fairlight CMI, from 1984. The interview is a little awkward, probably due in large part to the language barrier – it is almost as if the camera crew just dropped in unexpectedly to say “hello” to Ryuichi. The end is wonderful, with Ryuichi happily demonstrating his favorite CMI sound. This was taken just while his solo career was exploding across the globe. As a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra, he will be performing several live concerts this season (rare). Don’t miss this all-time synthesizer artist!

Monkees Moog 1967/8

An interesting Monkees music video clip here, that initially aired on March 11, 1968 (filmed April 18-20 1967). This may be the first Moog system ever pictured on national TV??? It resembles a System IIIP, but it may be an earlier custom model III built for Micky Dolenz – another among the very first swarm of pop musicians to adopt the synthesizer in 1967. This episode (“The Monkees Blow Their Minds”) of the Monkees TV show also included a cameo routine from Frank Zappa.  Michael Nesmith’s statue pose in this clip is especially nice. This song ‘Daily Nightly’ was included on their 1967 LP Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. which was the first pop/rock album to feature a Moog synthesizer. Enjoy &  please chime in with thoughts on the Moog model. Do you remember this Monkees TV episode from your youth and/or or later syndication? Do you even believe the Monkees to be synthesizer pioneers?


A wonderful performance workstation from the 1970s, replete with
built-in rhythm machine, organ, cassette player/recorder, AM/FM stereo
receiver, microphone/aux/phono inputs & external 4Ω stereo speakers. A perfect all-in-one unit from a bygone era. A nice-looking unit is up for auction now (April 4), if you are interested in owning your very own TCH 8800. UPDATE 4/10/11:  Sold for $186 USD!

Sankei also made some nice boomboxes later on.

Thanks, Sankei!