Between Two Worlds » “Pinball Symphony” Suzanne Ciani In Studio [1980]

“Pinball Symphony” Suzanne Ciani In Studio [1980]

Here is wonderful documentary piece from the short-lived U.S. television program Omni: The New FrontierIn this episode, we explore the world of early 1980’s chip-based sound design for pinball machines w/ the one and only Suzanne Ciani!  Inside her NY studio, she is working hard on the sound for XENON pinball. We are treated to glimpses of some wonderful period instruments & processors in action, including  Synclavier II, Buchla 200, Bode Vocoder, Eventide 949, Roland MC-8, Polyfusion FF-1 Frequency Follower & more.

It’s a special treat to see Suzanne working to develop different voices for the machine (what was to become the very first “speaking” pinball machine), and also to see how she presented her unique input to game designers Greg Kmiec & Paul Faris.  “Try a Tube Shot!”  For more information on Suzanne’s involvement w/ Xenon project and/or to download sound sets, you can visit her webpage on the subject. Does anyone out there remember XENON?